IC Layout Engineer


Job responsibilities:

1. Design the layout of the product according to the requirements of the front section of the product and the rules of process design.

2. Check the product layout and match the circuit with the layout.

3. Complete the final design of products for production and processing



1. Education: College degree or above;

2. Major in Microelectronics or electronics;

3. Relevant working experience more than 1 year;

4. Proficiency in IC Layout design with Cadence;

5. Familiar with calibre DRC and LVS verification and Command file writing;

6. Have a certain understanding of CMOS, BICMOS and high-voltage technology;

7. Work conscientiously, patiently and meticulously, and have team spirit.


FAE Field Application Engineer (LED)



1. Prepare the Schematic, PCB, BOM and other information needed for new product system evaluation.

2. Systematic evaluation of new products and chip evaluation report.

3. Cooperate with design engineer to debug, Debug.

4. Write chip specifications, chip application guide, transformer calculation formula, product introduction and other related technical application documents.

5. Assist in solving technical problems of key customers/FAE feedback.


Job requirements

1. Analog/Digital Circuit Course Experience, Applied Power Electronics Education Background Better

2. Skillful use of PCB drawing software (Protel/DXP/Power PCB)

3. Master the working principles of related topologies (flyback, Buck, Boost, Buck-boost, etc.)

4. Skillful use of laboratory-related testing instruments, able to winding transformers for relevant debugging

5. Good communication skills


Analog IC Design Engineer


Job responsibilities:

1. Familiar with the chip design process, can independently and perfectly complete the circuit design and verification work;

2. Deep understanding of analog IC design, correct understanding of SPEC requirements, and reasonable process and circuit design can be selected according to SPEC;

3. Experience in power and power IC design, including but not limited to one or more of the following: AC-DC, DC-DC converter, Power switch, USB interface, etc.

4. More than three years experience in analog integrated circuit design. Successful experience in power supply and power IC is preferred.

5. Strong sense of responsibility, calm and orderly work, self-study ability, good team spirit, good communication skills.

6. Deeply understand semiconductor device technology and layout design skills, and cooperate with layout engineer to complete layout design.

7. Complete the test of analog circuit with test engineer


Sales Representative



1. College degree or above, major in microelectronics, electronics and information engineering;

2. The theory of integrated circuit is solid, and it can calculate the design theory independently.

3. Be skilled in using integrated circuits to develop EDA software, such as: Cadence, Hspice;

4. Proficiency in Verilog and other hardware description languages is better.

Job responsibilities:

1. College degree or above;

2. More than 3 years working experience;

3. Strong language communication and adaptability;

4. Strong team spirit, conscientious and responsible work, strong sense of responsibility;

5. Experience in sales of power IC and other related products is preferred.





1. According to the sales plan formulated by the company, the sales task can be successfully completed.

2. Confidentiality and preventive measures: responsible for the safety of enterprise Secrets under the control of sales department.

3. Develop terminal customers and sales channels, visit customers, and do a good job of customer contact and communication.

4. Strong customer development ability and regular development of new customer resources;

5. Strong psychological quality, can withstand greater work pressure;

6. Strong self-restraint ability;